Planned features

Here you'll find some of the features I have planned for future releases. If you have some ideas of your own, please mail them to me.

Please NOTE, I'm currently not actively working on LD4DStudio, cause I'm working on a new project. Namely a multi platform LDraw editor. If you have any ideas/suggestions concerning such an application feel free to contact me

Plans for future versions of LD4DStudio are:

  • Interactive set editor (place/manipulate character, lights and cameras with your mouse).
  • Floor and sky options.
  • Additional POV-Ray options/improvements.
  • LGEO support for POV-Ray export.
  • Better expandable minifig generator configuration.
  • Script code objects (script reusage).
  • Functions in scripting language.

Please note that non of this is definitive, things can change.

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