Some highlights are:

  • Fast, OpenGL driven, real-time rendering and editing.
  • Real-time animation playback control.
  • Use multiple cameras and lights.
  • No coded limitations to the number of objects in an animation.
  • Minifig actor generator.
  • Real-time spring generation.
  • Growing array of animation actions.
  • Animation scripting.
  • Powerful native POV-Ray export with high level of customization.
  • GIF and BMP export of the OpenGL preview content.
  • LDR or MPD export of frames.
  • Central extendable LDraw color usage with high level of POV-Ray support.
  • Includes a large collection of sample projects.
  • Extendable database with LDraw part joint location suggestions for hundreds of LDraw parts.
  • Virtual desktop environment to multiply your screen space.
  • Multi monitor support for even more workspace.
  • Joystick and tablet support, Use them to control a number of functions of the application including joint movement.
  • Modular data approach for maximum re usage and manageability.
  • Multi language, Dutch and English are standard.
  • Online information checking (is a new version available?).
  • Transparent XML Based project files, Third party tools can add data to the files it will be preserved by LD4DStudio.
  • Extensive up to date documentation.
  • Native win32 application, to hell with .NET :)
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