Reporting bugs

Although I try to provide quality software there's always the possibility of getting some problems while using the the software. It's simply impossible for me as an individual to test all possible usage scenario's due to the complexity of the application.

So if you discover some problem help me improve the software by reporting the problem. For this to work I need extensive information about the bug and you're PC working environment.

But before you post a problem please check the release notes first, it might be a 'known' issue. Also be sure you are using the latest version before posting problems.

The best way to report a problem is by using the below form. It will help you gather all needed information. By pressing "Send" a email will be presented by you're email client. Feel free to inspect it contends and send it to me.

NOTE: This may not work with all browsers, if you get an empty email please put the asked information directly in an email and send it to

Thanks in advance for your help

Video card
Windows version
Log filePlease attach the log of a 'problem' session with the application as an attachment with your email. You'll find the log in the log directory beneath the LD4DStudio installation location ("C:Program FilesLD4DStudioLogs" in most cases)
Additional filesIf the problem is related to a specific project, package or LDraw model please send them along also.

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