3. Minfig generator file

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The minifigGen.xml file located in the data directory of your LD4DStudio installation dictates what parts are available in the minifig actor generator. It also supplies the generator with information on how to combine these parts correctly into a minifig.

During development of LD4DStudio I did my best to include most, if not all, minifig related parts. But the LDraw library is huge and growing so things might be missing or have mistakes.

Current version of LD4DStudio only supports one minifig generator configuration file and all file locations are specific to the LDraw library location. Therefore it might be hard to include custom parts at the moment. This is the reason I'm planing on changing the minifig configuration to something like the material files setup.

However for the time being it's only the minfigGen.xml file you can play with. But because of the planned changes I'm not too keen on writing documentation on it's current file structure. This because it will most likely change dramatically in the (near) future. This is why I will hold the documentation on this subject until the new setup is in place.

If you, for some reason, do need to change the minifigGen.xml file, you can always contact me with questions.

2. Material files | | 4. Tablet sheet files
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