5. Core files

4. Tablet sheet files |

The project and package files

The main files of LD4DStudio are off course the project (4pj) and package (4pk) files. These are also human readable XML files, although I do not encourage editing them by hand.

But there are times you would like to know more about their structures. You could for example want to create some kind of third party tool. Although I fully encourage initiatives like that to date I haven't had anyone contacting me for something even close.

Therefore I don't think it's wise to spend time on fully documenting the 4pj and 4pk file structures at this moment. I rather spend that time on developing the next version. But if you are planning to create some tool or need to understand the format for some other reason don't hesitate to contact me.

The configuration file

The same goes for the configuration file, it also is a XML file I don't encourage people to edit by hand. But just like the project and package files, you might want to read or modify it while developing a third party tool.

Therefore the same advice stands.

4. Tablet sheet files |
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