These pages contain the latest manual to LD4DStudio. Although I have tried to keep the manual easy to understand, the very nature of the application (3D and animation) can be hard to grasp. So please be patient with me (and this manual) while exploring the application on the road to your first animations.

For the best learning experience you should read the manual all the way through. During some of the chapters I will be setting up an example project. You should set up the same project while reading the manual to see the real-life implications of the things I'm writing about.

Please note: this manual is a work in progress, therefore it may contain errors as a result of the application evolving.

Feel free to report any corrections.

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1 Getting started
2 Interface
3 Data
4 Parts
5 Actors
6 Minifig generator
7 Animation
8 Characters
9 Lights, cameras and variables
10 Monitors
11 Control panels
12 Sequences
13 Animation action overview
14 Scripting
15 Export
16 Library
17 Using input devices
18 Configuration and parameters
19 Hotkeys
20 Conclusion
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